Recently Tani Underwear had sent me over a silkcut slip. Before posting about it I wore it, tried it for a few weeks, to really get an idea of the quality and what I love about it because I am not here to just promote things, I am here to tell you about things I truly believe in.

I have been on a pajama binge lately- I have been trying to get away from sleeping in raggy tshirts and shorts, to actual quality pajamas.

Tani’s silkcut slip claims to be a thin, fine, durable silk; and made from natural materials that allows it to keep you cool and dryer.

At night I am normally really hot, so when I read about the features of this slip, I was all about it! After sleeping in it, I felt that it did keep me cool.

It is extremely lightweight and soft just as they said!

So far, I am loving the brand due to the quality and features that are to be true as they say.

This slip is currently on sale, and you also get 15% off if you subscribe to their mailing list, so what are you waiting for? Go check them out!

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