Welcome to A Dose of Sherri!

I’m Sherri, and in 2018, I launched A Dose of Sherri as a creative outlet right after I graduated from college. I started off sharing affordable fashion finds, my jet-setter adventures, and lifestyle.

Fast forward to 2021, I became a mom and well, that turned my world upside down, in all the best ways. I had my son, Ian. Took a year off of work including content creation to enjoy and learn all about what being a mom.. Around 10 months, I remember this clear as day.. In the middle of eating and planning Ian’s first birthday, I had a food aversion, which only happened when I was pregnant. My husband jokes and says maybe you are pregnant. So I go take a pregnancy test, and what do you know.. I see 2 lines. I was barely getting the hang of one kid and now we had our second on the way.. Two under two! In September 2022, Isabella, or “Bella” for short, was born and she was a piece that our family never knew we were missing.

Here we are now, in 2023. Ian has turned 2 and a half, and Bella celebrated her first birthday in September. My life has evolved into what I like to call my “mom era,” and I’m loving every moment of it. I truly feel like this is my true purpose in life.

My life has shifted dramatically since 2018, now instead of sharing fashion content and my travel adventures, I love to document and share a daily dose of authentic and organic content of our life and journey.

Entering motherhood can feel lonely and isolating and I want to use A Dose of Sherri to build a community where mom’s can feel more connected and relatable. That mom guilty you may feel at the end of a long hard day, I am right there with you, other mom’s are right there with you. Those moments where you feel like you may be missing out on life because you are embracing motherhood, we are right there with you. Everything that you are feeling, most likely, I am feeling that with you along with a lot of other moms out there.

So here’s to growing with each other and rocking motherhood! ❤️