Hello travel bugs & jet setters!

I just booked my flight to LAX from Houston (IAH) this morning for a total of $156 ($78 per person) for Richard and I on United Airlines!

Score, for another travel deal!

Ever since I told everyone I got my flight to Atlanta for only $88 for Richard and I, I got tons of messages about how I find I did that.. Well, to be honest.. It is either luck or a lot of research (it’s research ) But luckily for you, I’ve pretty much perfected it and it’s pretty simple! I promise you won’t be stressed out about looking for flight deals ever again.

It is pretty rare for me to pay of $150 for a flight per person (for domestic flights). Richard and I love traveling, but Richard mainly loves budgeting. So every time I plan a vacation I always try to save money where I can.. Especially when it comes to flights. ~Because $50 saved on a flight is $50 that can go to food. (how our mind works haha)


google.flights.com = my best friend, your best friend. I recently learned that not a lot of people know about this link.


The reason why I love using google.flight.com is because if you are a flexible traveler, meaning you can go on the dates that are cheapest, it will show you in green all the dates that is cheapest to go on.

Once you’ve selected your dates, it will show you the cheapest flight and a list of all the other airlines prices for comparison. Like So:



Note: This will not show you flight prices for Southwest airlines. To see prices for Southwest airlines you will have to go to their site directly, and they have a flexible calendar as well if you prefer to fly southwest.

-I live on the north side of Houston so I never fly out of Hobby because I am not about that hour drive across town to that airport life.

This is the only way I search for flights, simple enough right! I love this website because it give me everything I need without the hassle of going to every airlines website.

If I am needing to book a flight for a specific date.. Google allows you to set up an alert for when the price for those dates fluctuate.



All you do is pick your dates and airline + flight times you prefer and switch that button to on and viola! you will get updates straight to your email.

Not sure where to go? No problem.. Google will help! 

If you have a date in mind that you want to getaway, use the discover destinations map to find what are some cheap flights going out of Houston-


You can even click on the map-

and use the “I’m feeling lucky” button and it’ll take you to different destinations and give you the cheapest price for the flight.

Airline Tips and Reviews: 

Spirit airlines

Did you know…. That if you book your flight at the airport ticket counter, you save approx. $30-36 PER ticket? Yes, I said it.. I could not believe it when I found out about that.

Here’s why:


When you are booking your flight on Spirit’s website, it shows you the breakdown of the purchase price. The “Government’s Cut” fee is only when you book online. When you book at the airport ticket counter, that fee is removed. So for this particular flight at the airport you would pay around $67 per person.

Caution: Only book at the airport if you know for a FACT that you will not need to cancel because tickets booked at the ticket counter are non-refundable.

I personally have never had an issue with spirit. I am the type of person who always reads the fine prints. Spirit isn’t an airline that hides random fee’s from the public. It’s literally all over their website- Bag weight, bag fees, seats fees, cancelation fees, their ALL ON THE WEBSITE.

**Purchasing your bags and seats in advance are cheaper than doing it at check-in or at the airport. 


Baggage information- 

You get one free personal item-

Personal item (e.g., purse, small backpack, etc.): Dimensions must not exceed 16 x 14 x 12 inches (40 x 35 x 30 cm) including handles and wheels. Carry-on bag: Maximum of 22 x 18 x10 inches (56 x 46 x 25 cm) including handles and wheels.

But you can normally get away with bags that are a little bigger. Watch thisvideo to get an idea of what bag to use while packing your personal item. I am actually a very light packers, so I can usually fit everything I need for my trip in my personal item. (let me know if you guys want a blog on how I pack!)

Note: If you are not a part of their $9 fare club- The baggage weight to ship is 40 lbs. (annoying right? since every other airline’s baggage limit is 50 lbs. but at least you know so you don’t get hit with a fee that will make you angry at the airport!)

Seat hack- 

If you do not want to spend the extra money to pick your seat, but you do not want to be stuck alll the way in the back as well? Do not worry.. People tend to check -in to their flights 24 hours before, right when they receive the email to do so.


Wait until about 4 hours until your flight and then check in. The people who check in first are the ones seated in the back.

*do not try to push it too close though because after a certain time you cannot check in online.

Also- Subscribing for email updates on spirits website is a good idea. they do often send out promotions and discount codes. So keep an eye out for those.

Frontier airlines 

Frontier is pretty much like Spirit.

You have to pay for seat selection and for a carry-on.
Check-in baggage weight is 50 lbs. on Frontier.

Pet Policy:

Also, if you are traveling with your domestic pet- I found that Frontier has the best rate for pets in the cabin. It is $75 each way.

Where as these airlines charge:

Spirit- $110 each way

United- $125

Delta- $125

Southwest- $95

Also- Subscribing for email updates on Frontier website is a good idea here too.

United airlines

United just came out with lower fares, called Basic Economy– it’s basically spirit

For a cheaper price you give up- flight changes or refunds, seat selection (but you are not allowed to upgrade like on spirit),  and a carry- on bag ( personal item only).

BUTTTTT.. If you are a United card holder. You still get a carry on bag at no extra charge.

I have personally never had any negative encounters with UA. I fly with them a lot because we do have a mileageplus credit card with them. I also book using my miles a lot. The only thing I find annoying most about UA is their engine to book with your points- it’s super, what’s the word? flaky?.. It just never works properly! It usually takes me at least two tries to get through with my flight search. But besides that I like flying with UA. But then again, I am pretty easy going when it comes to this kind of things.


Note- if the prices of the flights are high, the amount of points to book with is also higher, so just something to keep in mind.

And lastly, if you haven’t heard of escape houston yet.. go subscribe to get updates from them. They always send out good flight deals when it comes up straight to your mailbox. Especially good international flight deals.

Myths or not? My take on it.. 

So I am sure you guys have come across some of these advice-

1. Book on a Tuesday or Wednesday, never the weekend. – Show me the evidence!

Honestly, I have booked a flight on a Friday for an amazing deal.


2. Go incognito- an incognito webpage is a way to search without leaving any browsing history.

I’ve tried it before and the flight prices do not change for me..


3. Book flight only on days that are midweek

I book weekend getaway all the time and get good deals.. Where I fly out Friday and fly back Sunday.

I hope this helps a lot of you guys, let me know if it did, and if you book and any good deals!


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