Hello babes!

Do you ever see something online and wonder if it’s cuter in person?

This is exactly how I felt about this skirt! I was weary but I am glad I took the chance. I guess it’s not really a chance since you can always return at Nordstrom’sif you don’t like it though haha.. but ya know what I mean!

I also thought it’d be hard to match this skirt but to my surprise it goes with a lot!

I paired it with a classical wrap blouse and some knee high boots because it’s been cold here in Houston. (I’m so ready for the Spring! Whose with me?)

Moral of the story is.. take a chance on clothes your skeptical about when you see it online, and if you’re not usually brave enough to do so, then take the chance at a store that has a great return policy! Because now you’ve essentially have no risk, am I right? am I right?

Any who.. SALE ALERT ! Everything I’m wearing is currently on sale. So even more reason to get these super cute pieces.

You can shop the looks by clicking the image below- & if you haven’t yet. Follow me on the liketoknow.it app (@sherriquach)!


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