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It’s getting close to Valentine’s Day! I’m sharing today the perfect pick for Him this year from Jord Watches.


Do you have a significant other that likes unique things? My husband does.. This is what makes getting gifts for him such a struggle!

Anytime we go shopping he always picks the strangest things out. Well, they are strange to me because it’s not my particular style.. I learned to just start saying he has a unique taste. When Jord Watches reached out to me, I thought.. Wow, authentic wood watches huh? Sounds strange.. As I went through their endless selections I was surprisingly drawn to it. I thought, what a cool concept, so different.. so unique. That’s when I had my “Ah ha!”  moment. What a perfect gift for Richard this Valentines Day! It’s always a struggle shopping for him because I never know what is something he’d actually love, besides electronics.

I went on to choose a watch from the Hyde Series. What makes me love Jord’s Wood Watches so much is the fact that the design is so elegant, classic, and different. And how amazing is this.. They offer customizable wood engravings.


Every year he tells me we don’t need to get each other gifts for Valentine’s Day, and without fail.. He always surprises me with something. This year, I wanted to make him feel special. It doesn’t always have to be about me, like he makes it. He’s seriously a 10/10 husband all year around. He shows me constant love, I don’t know how he always makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world all the time. So for a change- I wanted to try and make him feel as loved as he makes me feel.

I am so glad I chose to go with Jord Watches for him this year. He loved how sleek, trendy but different, and masculine the color and design was. He also loved how light-weight the watch was.

It’s so easy to wear. It goes with everything- Whether he is dressing up or down, it goes.

Men- If you want to surprise your love with something special- there is also an amazing selection for women’s watches as well!

& of course- I had to get a little something for my readers!




I teamed up with Jord to do a little giveaway for you guys. One person will get a $100 E-Giftcard to apply to your Jord watch order.

The giveaway will close February 18th @ 11:59 PM.

All you have to do is go to this link to enter. 

~ It’s super simple- All you have to do is enter your name & email, and select your favorite watch. THAT IS IT!

If you don’t win, don’t worry. I snagged a 10 % discount for you anyway, that I will give you once the giveaway ends.


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