If you are the type of person that like to shop on a budget or just like cheap finds.. Be thrifty by checking out crossroads trading!

It’s a really cool consignment store where you can go trade your old clothes in for new pieces!

I thought this place was so cool because they don’t only sell clothes that other people bring in, they actually have clothes that they buy directly from vendors at an extreme discount. Which means you are getting new clothes for a thrifty price!! Not only that though a lot of the pieces they take in from customers have the original price tag on it.

I found this super cute topshop body suit there with the original tag still on it!

If you are bringing in your winter clothes during the summer, more than likely they won’t take it. They usually buy for the current season.

I found that Crossroads does offer a good return on the clothes you are selling to them: 33% Cash & 50% Trade. So for example if you bring in a dress valued at $100, if you decide you want cash for it, they will give you $33, if you want to buy something else from there you will get $50 to shop around.


I highly recommend you taking your gently used clothes and go have fun shopping there!




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