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It’s been months since my last skincare update. Recently, I have been doing hydrafacials. I planned on going every 3 months to get one, but ever since I discovered L’BRI skincare products, I haven’t felt the need to go back in yet.

A little background about L’BRI Pure & Natural is all about natural, safe, and affordable skin care products. I am all about learning what skincare companies put in the products that I use because I have extremely sensitive skin so I like to be cautious about what I use. The main ingredient in most of their products is Aloe. I mean, we all know the great benefits and healing properties aloe has. To me, aloe, has always been my go to when I needed something that I knew would work.. So why not use it in our everyday skincare routine, right?!

Did you know that everything you put into and onto your body matters? The skincare you use will absorb and breakdown in your body. So making sure that your skincare products do not have any harmful ingredients is very important.

Let’s dive in to the products I’ve been using. My skin type is combination, so it’s always so difficult for me to put together the perfect skincare regimen, but I think I’ve finally put together one that works for me!

My main problem area is my t-zone. I get extremely oily there, as do most people, but mine causes a lot of sebum build-up, making my nose area look extremely bumpy and not smooth. Putting make up on it just makes it look even worse. If you have this issue too.. Then keep reading!

I use this oil control cleanser in the morning to clean my face from my moisturizer from the night before, and at night to take off my make-up. Since I have sensitive skin I don’t like to use anything too harsh on my face, not even makeup wipes to take off my make up. Using this oil control cleanser has made such a difference in my oil build up on face.

After I Rinse my face off in the morning I apply this moisturizer before apply my makeup. It’s an oil-free moisturizer that contains SPF. Did you know your moisturizer should contain SPF, because it’s anti-aging and prevents premature wrinkles, and especially because UVB Rays that sun gives off is very strong all year around- even when it doesn’t seem like it’s sunny. Those strong rays break down the elastin in your skin. If you don’t believe me.. Research it yourself!

This moisturizer goes great under my makeup, it doesn’t make my face oily, or my makeup move.

Next I use this clarifying clay masque about 3 times a week to prevent sebum build up that clogs my pores. Occasionally, I would use it more if I feel like my face is breaking out more than usual. It’s a great masque that gets all the dirt and debris from my pores. This has kept my face looking smooth.

My night time products: 

If you recall from the beginning my skin type is combination. So my T-Zone area is oily where as the rest of my face is pretty much dry. So here how I combat that- After washing my face with the oil control cleanser, here are the products I sleep overnight in:

I use this intense eye repair cream to prevent myself from getting under eye wrinkles. Since I do wear makeup 4/7 days a week, I found that it’s better to be proactive. I also get dry patches under my eyes, since using this eye cream I haven’t experienced my dry patches.

This night repair treatment stimulate the collagen production in my skin and makes my face more firm. In case you didn’t know what collagen is- it’s basically healthy protein for your face. It helps maintain your skin’s firmness and elasticity. So I apply a generous amount of this all over my face and neck.

I finish my night time routine off with this hydrating mist. It helps add moisturizer to my skin and I like to do it a night because I like waking up to a fresh smooth face, and spraying this is super soothing before bed.

The best part of L’BRI is that you don’t have to break your bank for good skincare.

If you have any questions regarding any of their products, just leave a comment down below. I’ve been loving all these products so far, and I know you would too! Some of these products are currently on sale right now too..

Head over to L’BRI and check out all the products they have.

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