If you want to know the reason why you have rarely seen any pictures from my wedding day keep reading…

I got married March 26, 2016. BUT…

Recently I got to play in my wedding dress one more time for

Seleni Hernandez Photography’s Portfolio: 

Seleni just started her photography business a few months after my wedding. (I wish she would have started earlier because I would have totally booked her if she was a photographer then!!)

We connected when I told her how much I hated my wedding pictures. I went through George Street Photography, for video and photos- I paid roughly around $5,000 for it and I hated every thing. The engagement photos, the wedding video, and my wedding day pictures. The quality was horrible. The portfolio of the photographer I picked was phenomenal and had been doing photography for roughly 10 years, but when I got my pictures I realized that it was all fluff and they do not produce quality pictures. 🙁

Seleni was so sweet and when she heard about my experience she wanted to do a shoot together. I was thrilled to finally have some pictures in my wedding dress and actually like them enough to print to frame them in my house.

She completely exceeded my expectations. She would show me raw photos throughout the shoot and it all looked great. She hardly edits her pictures because her equipment and knowledge on photography allows her to get away with it by adjusting settings on her camera.

Seleni’s second photographer is her husband. They are seriously the most fun people to work with, ever! They are the perfect duo. Seleni is not the only one with an eye for detail and creativity.. Her husband, Jorge, is a stickler for detail as well. If one piece of hair was out of place- He spotted it! It is always good to have another eye on the look out. Not only that Jorge was cracking us up the whole time. There were not awkward or uncomfortable moments working with them!

Also, you know how sometimes photoshoots can get weird because you just don’t know what to do for poses and the photographer doesn’t tell you how to pose? Well, Seleni was so great at posing us. It made the shoot so easy for us because we weren’t worried about how to look or what to do. If we did something weird, they’d tell us and adjust us. Which is exactly what we loved most about them, they are real!

You can tell when someone is really good at what they do because they are extremely passionate about it, and when Seleni is doing her thing behind the camera you can sincerly see how much she loves and enjoys doing it. Seleni & Jorge is hands down- one of the nicest and sweetest people I have connected with. You would love them just as much as we did!

So if you are in the market for a wedding photographer, don’t just take my word for it..  Go check her out & all of her other work.

Here is the link to all of her sites: 




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