Cardigan | Dress | Shoes 


This past weekend I headed to Los Angeles, California.

I had plans right when I got off of my flight so I had to dress accordingly. I always have to be comfortable when traveling so when I was planning my outfit I knew I wanted it to be cute but comfortable.

& For the first time I didn’t look like  a mess going to the airport.. It made me feel like I actually had my life together- so that was a bonus 😂

You guys will be happy to hear that- everything I am wearing besides my cardigan were under $30!

The long duster cardigan has become one of my new favorites in my closet. It is extremely comfy, light-weight, but warm enough, and it comes in 3 different colors.

My dress comes in 4 different colors & the best part is- it’s only $23 !!! Go grab the steals while you can! It’s currently 40% off.

My shoes tied my entire outfit together. It was very easy to dress up or down with as well, and I am a sucker for anything blush pink. It’s currently on sale right now as well.

This outfit is also very fun to wear casually on the weekend. I felt so trendy wearing it.

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